Concerto for fanfare band & percussion

This work was commissioned by VLAMO for the VLAMO Open Fanfare Kampioenschap 2020 in Heist-op-den-Berg. 

The title 'The Promised Continent' refers to 'The Promised Land', described in the Bible (Genesis). Moses led his people through the desert in search of this land after being oppressed by the Egyptians for decades. I saw a similar thing happening during the Syrian civil war and the terror of IS: oppressed people fled their homecountry, hoping for a better life somewhere in Europe. This piece tries to describe the journey from Syria to Europe and is divided in 4 movements:

- Blood-poisoned Soil

- Get Out!

- Endless Waves

- The Promised Continent

The final movement is inspired by the European anthem 'Ode an die Freude' by Beethoven. 2020 is the Beethoven-year since the world will celebrate his 250th birthday. 

Painter and my lifetime friend Laurens van der Wiel created 'Terra Promissa' based on this piece. 

Competing bands can order this piece here: Please don't hesitate to contact me!

Nick Van Elsen - Composer - Engraver